Old Home Café: The Next Generation

By Edward Floden, based on characters and situations created by William D. Fries, Jr.

Episode XIII: The Sequel Begins

(Originally published in The Legend-News of 2003 March 17.)

Having survived the morning breakfast crowd, Jon and crew took a few breaks after 9 A.M., when the Pisgah Mob dwindled to a manageable half-dozen customers. Larry cleaned the grill, Jerry and Jerry Too bussed the tables, and Jon washed the dishes. Their relief was obvious, and so was the stress they’d endured.

But the peace was not to last. (Insert omnious bassoon music here.) Today was a day in July, a warm day in July, and what better way to deal with a warm day in July than by cruising the back roads in an open vehicle? A vehicle like, say, a motorcycle? And not just a motorcycle, but a Harley-Davidson with a throaty roar, and a well-leathered rider and passenger. Perhaps in a group. A large group. A group of twenty-three Harley-Davidson motocycles with well-leathered riders and passengers and a need for sustenance and refreshment, and hoping to find it at a little restaurant in the Loess Hills.

(Those of you who just muttered, “Oh, my God!”, raise your hands. Yeah, I thought so. You really need to learn tolerance for other lifestyles.)

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