Old Home Café: The Next Generation

By Edward Floden, based on characters and situations created by William D. Fries, Jr.

Episode XXI: Prelude

(Originally published in The Legend-News of 2003 July 28.)

Another hot August afternoon sat on Pisgah like charcoal briquette in a barbecue grill, scorching any meat that dared challenge it. And although the sky to the east was a clear blue with wispy clouds, the western sky was rapidly darkening.

Standing at the window of the Old Home Café, Jon could see an occasional brillant flash from the far southwest. The radio, tuned to KOIL, crackled every few seconds. Rain and lightning were reported in Omaha, and they were heading northeast. In about an hour, Pisgah, forty miles away, would see its first rain in thirteen days.

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