Chapter 2 : The Announcement

The next edition of The Legend-News was published on February 7, and the first announcement of Convoy 2000 was made therein.

Convoy 2000
Twenty-five years ago this fall, C.W. McCall released the song that was to be his greatest hit, “Convoy”, from what some people think is his best album, Black Bear Road.

Well, we humans have love of anniversaries, so what could be better than a celebration of the original “Convoy” than by driving in a real convoy along the route described in the song?

If you’re interested, click over to the Convoy 2000 Information Page, where you can find more information. Or, write directly to the organizer at

No, I (Ed.) am not the guy in charge of this one, but I’m making plans to be there.

That edition of The Legend-News also included the first chapter of the novel Convoy by B.W.L. Norton, published in 1978 to coincide with the release of the motion picture CONVOY.

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