Storm’s Castle

(The fact that another “Detours” page deals with White Castle, and that this page is about a television series named Castle, is coincidental.)

Castle is a television series that was first broadcast by the ABC network on 2009 March 9. Its first season (it has been renewed for a second) contained ten episodes.

The titular character is Richard “Rick” Castle, an author of mystery stories, who is — as the series begins — working on Storm Fall, the final novel in a series about Derek Storm. When the police notices similarities between murders in his novels and some murders in real life, he becomes an advisor on the cases, and is teamed with Detective Kate Beckett.

In the first episode, we can see the titles of several of Castle’s novels:

Two other novels are referenced in later episodes:

The titles which include the word “Storm“ are obviously stories involving Derek Storm. Storm Fall is the last novel in that series.

Rick Castle is currently working on his first novel about New York City police detective Nikki Heat, whose character is based on Kate Beckett. The proposed title is A Chill Goes Through Her Veins. Update: The first novel has been published as Heat Wave.

The second novel is Naked Heat. A proposed third novel is Federal Heat. (Update, 2011-04-15: the third novel will be on September 19, with the title Heat Rises.