The C.W. McCall Museum

Welcome to the Museum. In here, you’ll find exhibits about C.W. McCall and his influence on popular culture.

Al’s Café
The menu from the first digital café, as referenced in “Comin’ Back For More”.
Bill Fries is C.W. McCall
An 8x10 promotion glossy from late 1975.
C.W. McCall Fan Club
The official fan club from the ’70s.
Colorado West Stratified Salad
Bill Fries’ contribution to The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook.
Commercial Speech
A June 2008 talk about the Old Home Bread commercials.
Convoy “Rubber Duck” Mack Truck
1/25 scale model of the Rubber Duck’s “big black Mack” from the movie “Convoy”.
Free Ticket To The Drive-In Theater
Eighteen wheels and a chaperone.
Hallmark ‘Convoy’ Birthday Card
The world’s first eighteen-candler?
Midland CB Convoy Buddy Radio
C.W. McCall advertises a Citizens Band radio.
Old Home Bread Coffee Mug
C.W. and Mavis take a break.
Pop Notes
Convoy 2000 was mentioned in the Washington Post of 2000 May 3.
Sheet Music
A published book of C.W. McCall songs from Wolf Creek Pass and Black Bear Road.
The Star Magazine
“Whatever Happened To C.W. McCall?” From the 1999 December 21 issue of The Star.