Midland CB Convoy Buddy Radio

In January 1976, the song “Convoy” had reached the number one position on the Billboard pop and country charts. Its theme was truckers with Citizens Band radios. Midland International Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of CB radios, decided to market a radio to the C.W. McCall fan. Unfortunately, its 4 watts won’t get you from New Jersey to Omaha, Nebraska, like it did in the song; but the radio was good.

The documentation presented here is from a slightly-used radio owned by Ed. Floden.

Midland CB Convoy Buddy box top

The Midland CB Convoy Buddy came with the usual owner’s guide, warranty registration postcard, and FCC Form 505. It also contained a chatty but informative booklet entitled “Midland CB Convoy Kit”. This booklet, with an introduction by C.W. McCall, was a brief introduction to the world of CB. The original booklet is 8 7/16 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

Page 1
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 1
Page 2
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 2
Page 3
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 3
Page 4
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 4
Page 5
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 5
Page 6
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 6
Page 7
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 7
Page 8
Midland CB Convoy Kit, page 8

Accompanying the Convoy Buddy were usual FCC (Federal Communications Commission) forms. Back in the 1970s — unlike today — CB users needed licences to transmit.

FCC Form 505, “Application for Class C or D Station License in the Citizens Radio Service”, was the form that you used to apply for the license. Note the lack of a field for an e-mail address, and the non-Y2K year field, and that the form was Printed in Japan.

Of course, nothing that the U.S. Government does is free. FCC Form 76-K, “Fee Schedule for Specified Services”, gives the costs. The section that applies to CB is the “Citizens Radio Service”. For the operation of a Class D radio transmitter, the cost was US$4.00.

If you wanted to transmit (and who didn’t?) before your permanent license arrived, you needed to fill in FCC Form 555-B, “Temporary Permit”.

And don’t forget to stick an identification card on your transmitter: Form 452-C, “Transmitter Identification Card”.

FCC Form 505
Fee Schedule
FCC Form 76-K
Temporary Permit
FCC Form 555-B
Using Your Station
FCC Form 555-B, "Using Your Citizens Radio Station
Transmitter Identification
FCC Form 452-C