Free Ticket to the Drive-In Theater

The first date of C.W. and Mavis is described in “Old Home Filler-Up An’ Keep On A-Truckin’ Café”:

Well, we geared that tranny into super-low
And the four of us went to see a picture show
Yeah, I took ’em to the drive-in the-a-ter over by Pisgah, to see True Grit
Saw the late, late show; old Sloan hit the sack
And then along about two o’clock I hauled ’em all back
To the Old Home Filler-Up An’ Keep On A-Truckin’ Café
18 wheels and a chaperone

The drive-in theater was actually a gas station that’s just down the street from the “real” Old Home Café in Pisgah, to the south. The F.E. Miller store was across the street to the west, the second building north of the intersection. In 2000, that space was occupied by a resale shop; the shop was still there in June 2007, but it was’t open on the day that I was in town.