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Latest Issue: 2016 June 6

About The Legend-News

MCHENRY, ILLINOIS (2005 October 26) — The Legend-News is an irregularly-published, unfocused and rarely hilarious block of text (with the occasional picture), available for no particularly good reason.

Since its founding in 1998, The Legend-News has provided minutes of entertainment and information to the fans, devotees and stalkers of C.W. McCall, the country singer famous for his 1976 ode to the road, “Convoy.” The Legend-News temporarily suspended publication in early 2005, for reasons cited by its editor and publisher — actually, he’s the only person who does any work around here — as “I gotta get my head together.”

Now that Ed. has recovered sufficiently from his rest, The Legend-News is once again wasting bytes on a monitor near you, providing less-than-stellar coverage of C.W. McCall fandom, bad fiction based on thirty-year-old songs, and subtle hints that you should buy C.W. McCall CDs.

Once upon a time, The Legend-News was also available by email subscription; but due to the problems created by spammers constantly getting our IP address blocked, we’ve discontinued that service. Sorry about that.

The Mists of Time

The first edition of The Legend-News is dated 15 March 1998, but that’s an example of revisionist history at work. That first edition didn’t have a name; it was just a journal entry that appeared as the first page of the original version of the web site that I’d named C.W. McCall: An American Legend. Subsequent entries were merely designed to inform visitors to this site of the progress that I’d made in adding new transcriptions of the lyrics to the songs of C.W. McCall.

The first few months of entries were unscheduled. As I added new pages and expanded the site, I’d publish a new article telling of those changes. I don’t remember the exact date upon which I’d settled on a name for these notices, but that date was probably near the end of 1998. It was then that I decided to publish a weekly update about the site and other C.W. McCall-related news.

As for the name The Legend-News, it’s a play on words and a homage to the names used by real newspapers. Most newspapers have but a single descriptive name: ‘The Tribune’, ‘The Ledger’, ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘The Star’. But newspaper often merge, and the result of those mergers can be noted in hypenated names such as ‘Sun-Times’, ‘News-Ledger’, ‘Star-Tribune’.

Since this web site is devoted to An American Legend, I thought that the use of the word ‘Legend’ in the name of the newsletter seemed appropriate. But just ‘The Legend’ didn’t sound quite right, so I added ‘-News’ to it and became ‘The Legend-News’. It’s not a real journalistic endeavour, and I’m not a real journalist, but the name should make you envision a small local paper, published somewhere out West in a town where the sidewalks are still wood and the streets are muddy after a rain. In reality, The Legend-News is created on a Macintosh in the spare bedroom of my house in McHenry, Illinois; no ink has been harmed in the production of this publication.


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