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Wednesday, 1998 March 15 : Volume 1, Number 1
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The Search for C.W. McCall

A few months ago, I made a discovery that I could not believe. On a Sunday afternoon last October I was web surfing, looking for no particular information, but just browsing. On a whim, I headed to Altavista and performed a search. Its results were negative. I tried Excite; the results were the same. I tried Dogpile, and got two hits: both for sites which were selling old vinyl LPs.

This was unbelieveable. I was searching for a person whose name which, if the World Wide Web had existed twenty years ago, would have been found on dozens, if not hundreds, of web sites. But I could not find a single web site devoted to this person. Admittedly, the person for whom I searched was fictional, but then so is James Bond, and he has numerous sites about his exploits.

[ Addendum, 1998 July 19: If you search Yahoo! for “C.W. McCall”, guess what you’ll find? This site is now the first three hits. On GoTo, the lyrics page is the second hit.]

The person for whom I searched was, of course, the subject of this site: C.W. McCall. From 1974 to 1979, C.W. McCall released a string of popular songs, including “Convoy”, “Wolf Creek Pass”, and “Classfied”. C.W. McCall is usually identified with the Citizens Band radio craze of the mid-’70s, but the subjects of his songs were more than just truckers and good old boys. C.W. was also a romantic, an environmentalist, and an historian. This site is dedicated to that well-rounded man.

This site is, like most web sites, under constant construction. So far, I have only an incomplete discography, but I intend to add more information, especially a C.W. McCall history, as soon as I am able. If you would like to aid me in my efforts, please drop a line to me at

— Ed.