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Tuesday, 15 June 1998 : Volume 1, Number 2
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8 By 10 Black and White Glossy Photo

Finally, a photograph of C.W.! Well, Bill Fries, the voice and public persona of C.W. McCall. It’s a publicity still circa late 1976, that I got at a one-night concert that C.W. performed in Idaho Falls, Idaho in February 1977.

C.W. McCall, circa 1976

The inscription reads “To Silversmith, C.W. McCall, 10-4”. “Silversmith” was my handle; how I got it is a long story, which I’ll probably tell one of these days.

And, due to the nudging by some people who shall remain nameless — Kris and Chuck, you know who you are — I’ve added the lyrics to “Wolf Creek Pass” and “There Won’t Be No Country Music (There Won’t Be No Rock ’N’ Roll)”.