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Saturday, 1998 August 15 : Volume 1, Number 16
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Well, I already know that C.W.’s appeal extended beyond the boundaries of the U.S.A., as I’ve corresponded with a few Canadians on the subject, eh. But this week, I got a letter from Norway! The writer (hi, Jan!) has visited Ouray, but he says that C.W. is not exactly a household name in Norway. This situation must be corrected. :)

By request — that's sounding familiar, isn't it — this week’s lyrics are “The Gallopin’ Goose” from Roses For Mama, and “Jackson Hole” from Wilderness.

In other areas, I've found a good resource about southwest Colorado: the Southwest Colorado Access Network.. It seems especially useful if you’re planning to take a trip there, although their definition of southwest Colorado doesn’t include the counties north of Rico or Silverton, so Telluride (in San Miguel County), Ouray, and Ridgway (in Ouray County) aren’t included on their lists.

Sunday, August 16
In a sudden burst of enthusiasm, I’ve added the last remaining cut from The Best Of C.W. McCall: “Audubon”.

And Jan — see Saturday's entry — says that he’s got a tape entitled The Legendary C.W. McCall, which includes the hit songs “Black Beer Road” (yes, that’s “Beer”. No, the tape is not a German import.) and “Crispy Critter” (there’s only one, possibly due to budget cutbacks because of the high cost of sugar).

Thursday, August 20
When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. There's a line in “The Gallopin’ Goose” that sounded — to me — like ‘Came the real bad Southern, the Gallopin' Goose’. Well, I was wrong. The phrase isn’t ‘the real bad Southern’, which I thought sounded a bit strange; it’s ‘the Rio Grande Southern’! I figured this out while trolling for information on Galloping Geese, and stumbled across the connection on Narrow Gauge On The Net. I’ve added this link, and some others, on the Library index page.

X Marks The Spot. Pictures of Number 5, The Galloping Goose!