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Sunday, 1998 September 20 : Volume 1, Number 20

By the dark of the moon, on the twentieth of September…

Hmmm. Doesn’t quite trip off the tongue, does it? Nevermind. Three days til the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere — for you Ozzies, it’s spring — and I’m already hearing the whining about “…it’s fall, the leaves are turning, it’s raining, it’s depressing, I hate winter, why can’t it stay warm all the time…”. My thought: finally, cooler weather!

C.W. wasn’t really a product of the CB radio craze of the ’70s, although he did mention radios a few times; in “Convoy”, of course, and that’s the song that most people remember. On the album Black Bear Road, there’s a credit for Hy-Gain equipment, and C.W. later was a spokesman for Midland radios.

Today’s additions to the archives of An American Legend are “Ratchetjaw”, a lesson in CB etiquette; and “Two-Way Lovin’”, a romantic tale of a man, a woman, and communication via the means of electromagnetic radiation :)