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Sunday, 1998 October 4 : Volume 1, Number 21
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I’ve reached a milestone today. With the addition of the lyrics to “Glenwood Canyon”, all of the songs from C.W.’s first album, Wolf Creek Pass, are on the site. Maybe I will be able to finish these pages by the end of the year…

Word-of-Mouth. My .signature file contains a link to this site, and except for the fact that CWM:AAL has been indexed by Yahoo!, I haven’t been aggressive in advertising its presence. Which means that I’m surprised when someone tells me that someone else referred them to this place, as in

Someone on line suggested I try this web site instead of "The international Lyrics Server". Worked great - but do you offer the lyrics of any others besides c w mccall?

Obviously, the answer to the question is “No”. But that’s only fair: I doubt that the International Lyrics Server has many songs by C.W. McCall, and I don’t have any songs that aren’t by C.W. McCall. [Obviously, that is no longer true. — Future Ed.]