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Sunday, 1998 October 25 : Volume 1, Number 25
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The past two weeks haven’t been very good. I had intended to add a few items last Sunday, but I was barely awake, residing in a fugue state caused by a cold that reared its ugly rear the previous Friday. The cold has not yet finished its visit, unfortunately. And then last Tuesday, my brother was in the hospital for emergency open heart surgery (he’s doing okay; still critical, but the prognosis looks good). At least the weather is getting cooler. Onward…

Today’s additions: the remainder of Wilderness: Riverside Slide”, “The Little Brown Sparrow and Me”, “Telluride Breakdown”, and “Silver Iodide Blues”, plus The Real McCall: An American Storyteller versions of “The Little Brown Sparrow” and “Aurora Borealis”.

Happy Birthday! And don’t forget to send a birthday card to Bill Fries; his 70th birthday is November 15. If you don’t have the address (the mailing list members do), drop me a line and I’ll tell you where to send it.

[Bill Fries, PO Box E, Ouray, Colorado 81427-0589 — Future Ed.]

Tuesday, October 27
I have sad news. I knew that this day would come, and I tried to prepare myself for it. But when the moment arrived, I still felt the shock.

C.W. McCall: An American Legend is not the only C.W. McCall web site in the world.

Yes, there’s another site: it’s Scott Burkett’s C.W. McCall--Digital & Unleaded, and it’s good. And he’s got a leg up on me, because he’s actually met Bill Fries.

[C.W. McCall--Digital & Unleaded no longer exists. Scott moved to Colorado in 1999, and abandoned the site (but pointed his visitors to me!) — Future Ed.]