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Sunday, 1998 November 29 : Volume 1, Number 27
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Unusual weather here today in northern Illinois. The sky has been cloudy all day, a light mist has been falling, and the high temperature was 65°F at 2:00 P.M. That’s about twenty-five degrees above normal.

New Lyrics
Once more, three new songs. I’ve finished off Rubber Duck with the chilling tale of an obsessive personality, “Camp Bird Mine, which was also rerecorded for The Real McCall: An American Storyteller. Plus, two more songs from Roses For Mama, “The Only Light” and “Livin’ Within My Means”.

Pop Psych Dept.
The Only Light” seems to reflect the winding down of Bill’s career. He was soon to retire, and despite the frenetic pace of life on the road in “Milton” , this song tells of the loneliness of touring.