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Friday, 1999 February 19 : Volume 2, Number 5
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Another week (or so), another addition to C.W. lore.

Our Man in Montrose.

Scott Burkett, the guy behind C.W. McCall -- Digital & Unleaded, says that he’s headed for a new job:

CW Digital & Unleaded is going dark (at least for now)....looks like we’re beginning our trek to Montrose, CO for a radio job.

We’re starting on the Mighty Lincoln Highway at York, PA and going to take it as far as we can go....through Audubon (yeah, I finally learned to spell) and down to San Juan country.....

Yeah, we’re gonna drive Old 30 one more time.

I’ve been out of country radio for nearly 8 years and I’ve gotten a chance to move both to the Ouray area and back to radio.

So it looks as if we all have an excuse to visit Colorado. :)

(Hey, Scott! What’s the station? KUBC-AM/KKXK-FM?)

Small World.

I received a nice letter from a friend of Bill’s during his high school days (Hi, Rachel!). New facts about Bill that I’ve learned:

Obviously, I have much to verify and a lot of blanks to fill. Maybe I will write a biography…

Song A’ Th’ Week.

And since the subject seems to be leaning towards the life of Bill Fries, this week’s selection is about his beginnings.


(C.W. McCall / B. Fries / C. Davis.)
From the album Rubber Duck.