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Sunday, 1999 March 7 : Volume 2, Number 8
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Finding C.W. McCall Albums

In a past missive, I commented on the sound of the old cassette tapes that I had for twenty-plus years. Since I’ve acquired the original LPs and recorded my own tapes, I’ve noticed amazing changes, like C.W. is a baritone, not a bass, and that the violins don’t sound out-of-tune. :)

For those of you who are still making-do with your Greatest Hits and The Best Of CDs, you’re probably wondering where you can get copies of The Original Six. Try these simple steps:

[2010 February 27: Ameritech Yellow Pages does not exist, and Toad Hall closed in 2008. — Future Ed.]

  1. Go to Ameritech
  2. Search for “records” in your town, or elsewhere.
  3. Then select the category “CDS, TAPES & RECORDS-RETAIL”.
  4. Start calling, or go visit.

If you’re in the Rockford, Illinois area, there’s Toad Hall, at 2106 Broadway (which is really on the corner of 17th and Broadway). Thousands of used records, books, and other stuff. The last time that I was there, there were copies of Wolf Creek Pass, Black Bear Road, and Wilderness. There was also a copy of C.W. McCall & Co., but it’s not there now. :)

Or, if you're true ’netter:

  1. Go to Altavista, or to another search engine of your choice.
  2. Search for “used records”.
  3. Check out every site.

You could add a +"c.w. mccall" to the Altavista search terms, but caution: most of the hits that you’ll get are this site. Hmmm. I wonder why?

In what places was I successful in finding C.W. LPs and singles? Record Finder, and Memory Lane Records. And, as of yesterday [“Yesterday” was 1999 March 6. — Future Ed.], they still seem to have some items in stock. Record Finder has quite a few singles, but they’re not different takes from the songs on the albums.

The Bad News is that you'll probably need to search a lot of places, because no one has a complete collection of C.W.

There are also newsgroups: and


No, dammit, close your raincoat! This is a news flash. I found this information on The Café Crowd. It’s dated November 1998, but it’s news to me. :)

“Although he has no plans to record again, Fries says he’s reissuing his 1990s comeback album, “The Real McCall”, which includes a ditty to cannibalism called “Comin’ Back For More (The Alferd Packer Story).”

There is still hope.

Song A’ Th’ Week.

No particular reason for this choice, ’though I was listening to it on the way home Friday night.

Ghost Town

(C.W. McCall / B. Fries / C. Davis)
From the album Black Bear Road.