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Sunday, 1999 March 14 : Volume 2, Number 8
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Back in my day (Run away! Run away! He’s reminiscing!) television shows were pretty much the same as now. There were shows about cops, shows about doctors, and shows about cowboys.

Well, maybe not quite the same as now. Check out your TV listings, and see how many westerns you can find. A movie on TNT or AMC, perhaps; Walker, Texas Ranger maybe, but it lacks horses. The Magnificent Seven, definitely, but its future is doubtful. But what else? Where are those morality plays of my youth? Where’s Paladin? Lucas McCain? Johnny Yuma?

And more importantly, how do they keep their hats on, if they’re not using strings? :)

Song A’ Th’ Week.


The Cowboy

(Ron Agnew)
From the album C.W. McCall & Co.