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Thursday, 1999 April 29 : Volume 2, Number 14
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Spring Has Sprung

So The Legend-News is a few days late? I got a cold, and it’s not gone yet. From that, you may rightly assume that I wasn’t in any condition to attempt anything useful for the past few days. So, I went to work. :)

The Grass Has Riz

Spring has finally arrived in northern Illinois. Yeah, technically it’s been here for weeks, but now we’re getting temperatures in the upper 50s and beyond (for those of you who use metric, that’s about 14°C and up). The grass has risen, but was roundly subdued last Saturday when I fired up Ol’ Chopper for the first mow of the season. Ah, the cool breeze! Ah, the sweat! Ah, the damned rock that hit my leg!

And I bought a bike. No, not a Harley; that’s not even in the budget. :( A sort-of Schwinn “cross” bike, supposedly a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. Sounds uncomfortable either way, doesn’t it? Well, I plan to actually exercise this year, drop a few pounds, and attempt to shed my computer geek pallor, hopefully without getting sunburnt or blowing out my knees. Maybe, if I work really hard, I can get in a good enough shape to bike the Black Bear Road.

Let me know if you spot them flying pigs, willya?

Song A’ Th’ Week

I wonder where the flowers is? Spring doesn’t always bring good news, though.

Watch The Wildwood Flowers

(Ron Agnew)
From the album Roses For Mama