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Sunday, 1999 May 16 : Volume 2, Number 16
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Who’s The Leader Of The Band?

I was up late last night and caught “Mannheim Steamroller Meets The Mouse”, a program on the Disney Channel. It’s a promotional piece, hosted by Julie Andrews, about the album of the same name. Of course, the brains behind Mannheim Steamroller is Chip Davis, the musical half of C.W. McCall.

During the course of the program, just before a commercial break that occurred half-way through the show, a trivia question was presented:

Before gaining international stardom with Mannheim Steamroller, what Top 40 hit was Chip Davis known for?

Ignoring the bad grammar, and the fact that I may not have recorded the question exactly as it was written, the answer was

Chip Davis wrote the music for Convoy, the 1975 hit about truckers that sold over 10 million copies.

That’s all. No mention of “C.W. McCall” or Bill Fries, just “Convoy”.

If The Nashville Network has any program like VH1’s “Behind The Music”, I wonder if they’d be interested in doing an hour on Bill?

Song A’ Th’ Week

About an hour ago, the wind picked up, the sky grew dark, and a heckuva lotta leaves started blowing around. That’s a lot of bluster for the sporatic rain that fell, barely wetting the driveway. I can still see the dry spot under the oak tree by the street.

I wish that I were traveling somewhere right now, driving through a steady drizzle on my way to somewhere west of here.

Windshield Wipers In The Rain

(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)
From the album Rubber Duck.