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Sunday, 1999 May 30 : Volume 2, Number 18
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Breaker One-Ninety-Five

I’ve never understood Beanie Babies. How can you buy a limp lump of understuffed toy animal for five bucks, then sell it for a hundred a week later? Speculators are strange.

And speaking of worth, I received some interesting responses to last week’s disclosure that I had a copy of the novelization of the movie Convoy. Most of those responses were “How much do you want for it?” Well, the answer is: nothing. Yet. As it’s the only copy I’ve got, I’m going to re-read it first, and then I’ll decide what to do. Maybe, if I post an offer on eBay, I could get a couple of hundred dollars for it… :)

Woo-hoo! Three-day Weekend!

This is Memorial Day weekend. Go forth and barbecue some more. Get some fresh air. Bike a few miles. Slap a few mosquitos. And don’t forget why it’s a holiday. I’m a six-year veteran of the U.S. Navy; I don’t forget.

And next weekend, get ready to cross the country, as The Legend-News presents the first-ever Convoy Week with five — count ’em, five — issues. Looks like there’s gonna be a Song A’ Th’ Day.

Song A’ Th’ Week

A remembrance of those who have passed on.

(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)

From the album Wilderness.