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Wednesday, 1999 June 9 : Volume 2, Number 21
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Difference Of Opinion

Now if you’ve perused this web site, you may have noticed that several of the songs have more than one set of lyrics. These are songs that have appeared on The Real McCall, because those songs — with one exception — appear on other albums of the Original Six. And all of the songs from Black Bear Road have at least two lyric pages, because BBR is the only album of the Original Six which included printed lyrics.

The lyrics are on the inside front cover, set in ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS, and the spelling sometimes varies from the wording of my transcriptions. I consider my lyrics to be the “correct” ones, because that’s how the songs were actually sung. But, like any song, the performance may not be the same as the written word.

So today’s edition features the “official” lyrics of “Convoy”. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to studiously compare these lyrics to those of Sunday’s Legend-News, and decide which lyrics are the better ones. Unfortunately, no prizes will be awarded to the winner.

And The Winner Is…

In Sunday's edition, an eBay auction was noted, that of a Old Home Bread poster featuring the original C.W. McCall character, Mavis, and Sloan. Well, the auction’s over, and you get one guess as to who won. Yeah, you got it. The bad news: I can’t afford the traditional Friday night pizza for a month. Not such a terrible price for an investment.

Song A’ Th’ Day

The Official Adventures of the Rubber Duck. I’ll spare you the eyestrain of trying to read them in ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS.

(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)

From the album Black Bear Road, as printed on the cover.