The Legend-News

Thursday, 1999 June 10 : Volume 2, Number 22

A Long Time Ago, On A Highway Far, Far Away...
While sequels may be the hot ticket for this summer -- yeah, baby! -- they're a rarity in popular song. In fact, they're so rare, I can't even think of any! No, "Flying Saucer (Part II)" doesn't count, and "Monster Hash" and "Three Mile Island" are really parodies. Okay, "Superslab Showdown" is a sequel to "Wolf Creek Pass", but you already knew that.

So much for tonight's extensive research. :)

Song A' Th' Day
This selection is the followup to the original "Convoy", and not to the movie version. But if there's ever a sequel to the movie...

If you've read the lyrics page for this one, then you've already read the introduction which follows. I thought about rewriting it, but it was so good that I just had to use it again. By the way, the Ed. Appreciation Society voted this introduction as "The Best Damned Introduction Ever Written For A C.W. McCall Song". Of course, the only member of the EAS is extremely biased.

Previously, in "Convoy":
Rubber Duck, leader of the mighty Convoy, had brought himself and his compatriots to the Atlantic shore of New Jersey, after crashing through the toll gates at ninety-eight miles per hour. Pig Pen, a Jimmy haulin' hogs, was bringin' up the rear, which was currently near Omaha, Nebraska. And the suicide jockey's luck was holding, as he and his cargo were bein' protected by a chartreuse micra-bus full a' Friends a' Jesus.

Now, in an effort to elude the still-persuing Smokeys, the Duck proposes a untested, possibly disastrous plan: to drive across the Atlantic Ocean!

'Round The World With The Rubber Duck

(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)

From the album Rubber Duck.