The Legend-News

Monday, 1999 June 28 : Volume 2, Number 26

There's Still Some Life In The Old Boy Yet
I can't tell who's responsible, but "Comin' Back For More" was on the playlist of the Dr. Demento show for the week of 20 June. Not that C.W. McCall is a frequent request on Dr. D., but you can a song to be played on the show. There's a web form at <>.

If you've never listened to Dr. Demento, you can find a list of radio stations at the web site. Unfortunately, not a lot of stations carry the Doctor, so you might not be able to find one in your area. But, if you've got the Real Audio player installed, you can listen to web feeds of the show. Those web feeds are also listed at

However, that wasn't the only C.W.-related song on the show. The theme was "alternative lifestyles" (you know what I mean) and one of the featured songs was Rod Hart's "C.B. Savage" from 1976. This is a politically-incorrect song from the dark ages of comedy. In other words, it's funny. I've got a digital file of the song, and I'll be posting the lyrics later this week.

Poster Boy
Bread City! Remember that eBay auction of a month back, when a C.W. McCall 'Old Home' poster was up for grabs? Over to your right, you'll see the picture that was posted by the seller.

Well, I finally got down to the P.O. to pick up the poster, and it's now hanging on the wall of 'the office', between the posters for 'Dr. No' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. Now if you're staring intently at the picture (it's still to your right), you're probably wondering just what the heck it says besides "Bread City!". Well, until I get a better picture to post, here's what's there:

Song A’ Th’ Week
Every summer, millions of people across the U S of A pack their cars with clothes, maps, and other essentials of the road, and travel across This Great Land Of Ours(R). They visit the small towns, the big towns, and the towns in between. And sometimes, the locals really don't want these visitors...

Crispy Critters

(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

From the album Wilderness.