The Legend-News

Sunday, 1999 July 4 : Volume 2, Number 27

Is This Really Just A Coincidence?
I'd already written the major part of this week's newsletter ('Surfing With The Rubber Duck', below) when my thoughts turned to the question of the Song A’ Th’ Week. Since beginning that feature, I've been choosing a different C.W. song every week, with the intention of eventually running through the entire 64-song list. And I wondered if/when I should repeat a song that had already been featured.

Well, that time is now, and the coincidence is surprising. First I find an old message that was posted by one 'Ken Thompson' in 1993, then I get a message from Ken Thompson that points me to a new article on the Durango & Silverton Railway in the July 4th issue of the Arizona Star. Finally, I discover that one year ago this week, on July 7th, 1998, I had first posted the lyrics to 'The Silverton'!

I can take a hint.

For extra points, you can visit The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad official site, which has further information on the train, including a history, pictures, and online reservations.

Surfing With The Rubber Duck
Every once in a while, I visit a few search engines and look for references to "C.W. McCall" and "Bill Fries". Most of the hits, strangely enough, are for pages at Go figure. :)

But sometimes I do find references to the Bill Fries, and not to a street in Hilton Head, South Carolina or amateur astronomers or snowboarders from Massachussetes (yes, that is the spelling on the page).

What I've discovered this week:

An Observation
Horses are bulletproof. As I write this, I'm watching the Wild Wild Western Festival on TNT, which is currently showing Per un pugno di dollari, a.k.a. "Fistful Of Dollars". There's a scene in which a Gatling gun is used to mow down (and I mean mow) about twenty Mexican soliders. The victims are standing around horses and riding horses, and they all die. But none of the horses are injured! Not a scratch. Maybe the horses are Kryptonian?

Song A’ Th’ Week
Down by the station, early in the mornin', see the little passengers all in a row...

The Silverton

(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

From the album Black Bear Road.