The Legend-News

Monday, 1999 August 9 : Volume 2, Number 32

Lost and Loster
In this week's mail, I received a letter from Stephanie Wegner, who has a local connection to C.W. McCall. She also tells of the 'Lost Lakes' of Colorado.

Hi, I caught up to your C.W. McCall page and was glad to find it. Whenever I get really homesick for Colorado (I'm in Texas now.), I put on his music. It really is home, since my dad was born in Telluride and I know whereof McCall sings. I'm from a town about 60 miles from McCall's home in Ouray.

The Lost Lake I believe you've been trying to find is (as I understand it, since there're a lot of "Lost Lakes" in mountain areas) is a series of lakes near Ouray. Several of us were hiking in famed Yankee Boy Basin outside of Ouray, trying to get to the top of Mt. Sneffels (one of CO's 14ers--14,000 ft or more). Instead we ended up on a high ridge over looking the most glorious set of lakes I have ever seen. They were a LONG way below us. Someone said they were called Lost Lakes. I can see why.

I doubt they'd be listed on any atlas. Probably they'd have to be seen on a USGS topo map. I have a great post card of them, too. (Will send you a copy of the card via snail-mail if you're interested.)

Thanks for the site. I've really enjoyed it.


I am now firmly convinced that there is a 'Lost Lake' conspiracy afoot.

Surfin' With The Rubber Duck
I occasionally survey the major search engines just to see how my C.W. McCall pages are ranked. Being Numero Uno isn't a life or death situation; I'm not selling anything here. But as the C.W. McCall resource (insert sound of head swelling), I feel that my duty is to have An American Legend as at least one of the first ten results from any search engine.

You would think that with this site -- TechRen Enterprises, in general -- having been indexed by most of the big search engines, that a search on an uncommon phrase associated with C.W. McCall would produce a a TRE hit first. Nope. The uncommon phrase in question is "Kidnap America", a.k.a. The C.W. McCall Song That No One Remembers.

Northern Light, which seemed to list all of the other C.W. McCall pages on, gave only two hits:

A disappointing showing. :( Herewith, the results from other search engines...

Conclusion: I've got work to do. Spreading the Gospel of C.W. isn't as easy as I thought that it would be.

On a non-kidnapping note, I've found a former Cool Site of the Year which mentions a love of "Convoy"; check the entry for 4:35 p.m. There's also a QuickTime movie of a guy named Richard, who sings the first lines of "Convoy".

Song A’ Th’ Week
Y'know, I just haven't featured any non-vocal composition as a Song A’ Th’ Week. I will rectify that omission right now.

Although this piece can be found an C.W. McCall & Co., it's actually from the Motion Picture "Convoy".

Silver Cloud Breakdown

(Chip Davis, Bill Fries)

From the album C.W. McCall & Co..

[It's an instrumental. There ain't no words!]