The Legend-News

Monday, 1999 September 6 : Volume 2, Number 36

Movin' On
I hate moving. Until now, I didn't realize just how much junk I have. This is a three-day weekend, and I've spent the past two days packing up most of what I own, just so that a bunch of guys can put it on a truck and haul it six miles away. Argh.

It's been a quiet week here in Wonder Lake. Quiet, that is, if you dismiss the idiots on the next block over, the ones who seem to have stockpiled enough firecrackers to take them through next Independence Day. As a cousin of Apu's said, "Celebrate the independence of your country by blowing up a small part of it" and annoy your neighbors for the rest of the year. But I'm moving to a better neighborhood, ha ha! (Insert derisive chuckle here.)

I've been having brainstorms lately. (Ouch.) Next year is the 25th anniversary of "Convoy", and a celebration seems warranted. My thought: how about a convoy from L.A. to Jersey, beginning on the night of 6 June 2000? Just imagine a few dozen (hundred) cars loaded with rabid C.W. fans attempting to recreate the momentous events of the song. Maybe we could sell the movie rights. Hey, it worked for The Cannonball Run.

Surfin' With The Rubber Duck
Where in the world is C.W. McCall? [Hint: if the name isn't obvious, search the page for the word 'mccall'.]

Song A’ Th’ Week
This week's selection isn't a C.W. McCall song, but it is a trucker song. It's also by "Weird Al" Yankovic, so don't complain that you haven't been warned.

Truck Drivin' Song

("Weird Al" Yankovic)

From the album Running With Scissors.