The Legend-News

Monday, 1999 November 22 : Volume 2, Number 46

Truckin' With The Rubber Duck
Last week, I added a small block of text to the top of this page, inquiring "Why A Duck?" and pointing to a picture of a chromium-plated, unilluminated, genuine accessory hood ornament.

Truck with the Duck, and he'll pull your plug

Here's the story: after last week's issue had been put to bed, I received a message from John Billings of Billings Artworks:

I am a mold maker by trade and my son and I each year cast and make the Grammy Awards for the recording academy in L.A. Twenty four years ago I was an apprentice to another mold maker (Bob Graves) who made the mold to produce the "rubber duck" hood ornament for the semi trucks in the movie Convoy. Among all the items I inherited from Bob was the mold. I am finally going to start producing the hood ornament again and ran across your site in search for a market.

I did reply to John, asking about the possible pricing, but I haven't heard back yet. If you want to inquire, his address is

Update - 23 November. The price is $65.00, plus $6.00 shipping. If you're interested, send check or money order (no credit cards) to

Billings Artworks
P.O. Box 257
Ridgway, CO 81432

C.W. On CD
Another strike in our quest to have the Original Six albums released on audio CD. Rhino Records finally replied, but negatively.

I regret to inform you that we have no plans to reissue any albums by C.W. McCall. Sorry.

This project is becoming almost as difficult as finding the Lost Lake of Colorado. But my CD-R is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, so I know what I'll be doing in the coming weeks. :)

If you're frequent visitor to this site -- and if you're not, please send me a 500-word essay detailing your reasons -- you may have noticed gradual changes, such as a consistent look to the pages and an overall redesign. The work isn't finished, but with any luck I'll have everything tweaked by the end of the week.

That's the good news. The bad news: throw away your bookmarks, because the pages are moving. No, not the site, just the location of the pages within it. Over the last two years the number of pages has risen, and I didn't plan the site organization too well, an omission that I'm rectifying by grouping the pages so that I can better maintain the site. This will, of course, play havoc with the search engines that have indexed this site, but they'll catch up in a few weeks (I hope).

After this round of work, I promise not to move any pages for another year or two. But I'll try to make them better.

Big Ed. Is Watching
Here at Other Wild Places Central, we monitor the efforts of other C.W. McCall devotees to spread the gospel amongst the heathens. While we have had occasional successes, we have also had failures, some of which are the fault of our own members.

Mike "Flatline" Madonna has failed to play "Comin' Back For More" on the weekly KDHX radio programme, "St. Louis Brain Sandwich". While we applaud Mike for his attempt to air this C.W. McCall song, we have been wondering about his action, or lack thereof. His excuse? "I opened the CD case, and there was a different CD in there." Yeah, right.

We are enrolling Mike in the Guido and Paulie School of Louisville Slugger Memory Training. Here's hoping he does not fail us again. And Mike, as you leave be careful when crossing the bridge over the piranha pond. :)

St. Louis Brain Sandwich is broadcast on KDHX-FM, St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday afternoons between 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. Central Time. KDHX is simulcast on the Web; you can find a link on their web page, or you can go directly to You'll need RealPlayer to listen.

Surfin' With The Rubber Duck
We told everybody that the Slide was runnin', and 5-5-Oh was a mess.

Song A’ Th’ Week
Bill Fries' philosophy of life.

Write Me A Song

(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Black Bear Road.