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Monday, 1999 December 13 : Volume 2, Number 48

The Hazard of Reading The Legend-News
Sometimes, when you're also a subscriber to the Other Wild Places mailing list, you get to reread stuff that you've read before. Lucky you.

For the rest of you who don't subscribe to Other Wild Places, here's a recap:

Blatantly stolen from The Star of 21 December 1999.

Whatever happened to C.W. McCall?

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Surfin' With The Rubber Duck
Adrift on the stream of consciousness, The Duck is looking for a life preserver. :)

Song A’ Th’ Week
24 July 1983. The Kansas City Royals versus the New York Yankees. Ninth inning. George Brett of the Royals hits a two-run homer, putting the Royals ahead. Billy Martin, manager of the Yankees, complains that the run doesn't count because Brett had too much pine tar on his bat. The umpires disallow the runs.

For you non-baseball fans, "pine tar" is a substance that is rubbed on a bat to improve the batter's grip. The pine tar should only be applied to the grip area; if it's found more than eighteen inches above the base of the bat, it's illegal. Why? Because if the ball contacts the tar, it'll stick to the bat, however briefly, and give the batter more control over the ball than he should have.

Pine Tar Wars

(Larry Stewart, Larry Isley)
From the American Fan Records single "Pine Tar Wars", AFR-0018391.

The Exciting Conclusion: American League president Lee McPhail overruled the decision of the umpires. On 18 August, the game resumed from the point where it stopped, and the Royals outscored the Yankees 4 to 3.