The Legend-News

Monday, 2000 March 13 : Volume 3, Number 10

The News And Only The News
I've received a few messages from members of the Other Wild Places (OWP) mailing list who are not happy members. When they subscribed to the OWP list, they didn't realize that The Legend-News was not the only mail that they'd be receiving. They would prefer not to receive the other messages that are posted to the list. So I've waved my magic mouse and created a new mailing list just for The Legend-News.

This new list, LegendNews, is an announcement-only list. The only messages that will ever appear on it are the regular -- or irregular -- issues of The Legend-News. There will be no idle chit-chat, over-quoted replies (you know who you are) or deep thoughts (except for mine :).

If you want to switch to the LegendNews list, first you've got unsubscribe from OWP by sending a blank message to <>. Then you can subscribe to LegendNews by sending a blank message to <>.

Please note that you do not need to subscribe to both lists! The Legend-News will continue to be published on the Other Wild Places list, together with the usual daily filler. :) Subscribe to LegendNews if all that you want to read is The Legend-News, and you don't want to participate in any C.W. McCall-related discussions.

As always, TechRen Enterprises offers its famous money-back guarantee: if you don't like what you get, we guarantee that there's absolutely no way that you'll ever get your money back.

Convoy 2000
There is now a first draft of the itinerary for Convoy 2000. The basic route:

That's the rough route; it may change slightly. Refined details, when available, will be posted on the Convoy 2000 Information Page.

You may have noticed that the trip from Flagstaff to Chicago is basically the route of old U.S. 66. This does present a problem though, as you'll need to sing the lyrics to "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" backwards.

Midland CB Convoy Kit, cover The Museum of C.W. McCall and Other Wild Places
The first exhibit has been added to the Museum: it's the "Midland CB Convoy Kit", an 8-page booklet that accompanied my Midland CB model 13-882C.

Yeah, I know that I said it would be on display by last Wednesday; but, as usual, life intefered with my hobby. However, I am taking this week off from the day job, and I will get the Museum up and running with a few more additions.

Later this week: the owner's guide and a bunch of FCC forms.

All Digital, All The Time
Still looking for some free truckin' music? Go to Edmonton's CB Radio Museum. The site's a bit sparse on real information -- the blank pages tell the tale -- but the CB Radio Jukebox has 41 CB/truck tunes that you can download, including two cover versions of the C.W. McCall songs "Wolf Creek Pass" and "Convoy".

If you want to listen to some streaming audio, and you've got a copy of RealPlayer, check out Matt Bowerman's Trucks and Pirates, one of the stations at Matt's got an interesting combination of truck songs and pirates songs. I'm not sure if the Teamsters care for the implied association, but nevertheless it's good listening.

Through a Usenet news article I discovered ClassiCountry.Com, a new site that aims to be an information site for country music artists. One of the stars that they intend to cover is, of course, our favorite poet/singer C.W. McCall. There's no C.W. news or information over there yet, but they've got their own iCCC Radio, which is currently running its first playlist. No, there's no C.W. on there, but maybe if you ask nicely... Like "Trucks and Pirates", iCCC Radio is a station hosted by

Song A’ Th’ Week
Last week, we got wet in the "Green River". This week, we'll just take a ride along the Niobrara.


(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Rubber Duck

Come ride with me cowboys
I'll tell you a story
Out where the whoopin' cranes fly
I'll show you the white bones
Of giants in sandstone
Out where the wind never dies

Come sit by the campfire
I'll sing you a sad song
Of rivers that never return
Play soft on the mouth-harp
Strum slow on the guitar
And leave all the mem'ries to burn

Roll on, Niobrara
Roll on, Niobrara
Roll on

I'll show you the bright shiny
Ribbon of silver
That flows through the sandhills at dawn
I'll find you the places
Where clear water races
Before all the traces are gone

Roll on, Niobrara
Roll on, Niobrara
Roll on

So pack up the bedroll
And cinch up the saddle
And head for the red mornin' sky
We'll sing one more song for
The wild Niobrara
Out where the wind never dies

Roll on, Niobrara
Roll on, Niobrara

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