The Legend-News

Monday, 2001 January 29 : Volume 4, Number 3

What We Got Here

Fortunately, They Didn't Use "Legendary American", or the name of our web site might be too similar ("Smithers, release the lawyers!"); an item Found And Lost on eBay; Red Sovine covers C.W. on Phantom I-One-Oh; get your "Official" Merchandise while it lasts; and there is no truth to the story that the original name of the Song A’ Th’ Week, "Jackson Hole", was "Jackbutt Hole".

Fortunately, They Didn't Use "Legendary American"

Andy Lester, who works somewhere in the vicinity of your Editor — different building, same parent corporation — occasionally finds C.W.-related items and forwards them to us. His most recent gifts were two items for which we've been searching for a long time: a copy of The Legendary C.W. McCall cassette and a book of sheet music.

Cassette insert for The Legendary C.W. McCall The Legendary C.W. McCall is a retread of previously-released songs:

All of these songs, with the exception of "Outlaws And Lone Star Beer", can be found on The Best Of C.W. McCall and C.W. McCall's Greatest Hits.

This tape is notable for the errors on the label and cassette body. "'Round The World With The Rubber Duck" is missing the apostrophe before "Round"; there's an unintended nod to Oktoberfest in the title of "Black Beer Road"; and the band of hippies got seriously reduced in "Crispy Critter".

Sheet music book of Black Bear Road and Wolf Creek Pass C.W. McCall: Black Bear Road / Wolf Creek Pass is the music book. It was published by Chappell Music Company (now known as Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.), year unknown; there's no indication anywhere in the book, but a good guess would be 1976. At the time, Chappell Music was a PolyGram Company, and PolyGram was the distributor of C.W.'s albums.

The front of the book has the Cinnamon Pass photograph from the cover of Black Bear Road, while the back of the book is the cover from Wolf Creek Pass. The cover states "19 Songs From His Two Hit Albums". If you've been counting, you'll realize that this is one song short of the contents of those two albums. The missing song? "Wolf Creek Pass". The omission is probably due to a copyright dispute, although to our knowledge all of the songs from the album Wolf Creek Pass were copyrighted by MGM Records.

The arrangements within are simple piano/guitar ones, with guitar chords. The lyrics appear to be close to the words of the recordings, and we'll be adding those lyrical variations to the individual song pages as we are able.

Also included in the book is a short biography and a photo gallery. You can read the biography in the Museum exhibit on this book. Interestingly, most of the photographs seem to be from the shoot for the album Wilderness, the third C.W. McCall release.

Found And Lost On eBay

Sometimes we don't win an auction on eBay. Being on a diet means that the pizza fund is getting fat and we aren't, but that doesn't mean that we're willing to shoot the entire wad on a single item of McCallania.

The latest C.W.-related item on which we've bid on was a copy of Two Dozen Roses, a compilation of 24 songs about roses; and each song has "rose" or "roses" in its title. C.W.'s contribution, of course, is "Roses For Mama".

  1. "Bouquet Of Roses", Eddy Arnold
  2. "Mexicali Rose", Gene Autry
  3. "Give My Love To Rose", Johnny Cash
  4. "One Dozen Roses (And Our Love",) George Morgan
  5. "Paper Roses", Anita Bryant
  6. "Eighteen Yellow Roses", Bobby Darin
  7. "A Rose And A Baby Ruth", George Hamilton IV
  8. "When The Snow Is On The Roses", Sonny James
  9. "Rose Garden", Lynn Anderson
  10. "Roomful Of Roses", Mickey Gilley
  11. "Eleven Roses", Hank Williams, Jr.
  12. "Stop And Smell The Roses", Mac Davis
  13. "San Antonio Rose", Willie Nelson with Ray Price
  14. "Love Is A Rose", Linda Ronstadt
  15. "Roses For Mama", C. W. McCall
  16. "Rose Of Cimmaron", Emmylou Harris
  17. "An Occasional Rose", Marty Robbins
  18. "The Rose", Conway Twitty
  19. "Yellow Roses", Dolly Parton
  20. "Rose In Paradise", Waylon Jennings
  21. "The Yellow Rose", Johnny Lee and Lane Brody
  22. "Wine Colored Roses", George Jones
  23. "Two Dozen Roses", Shenandoah
  24. "Roses In The Fire", Rosanne Cash

We didn't win the auction, though. Oh, well. Congratulations to the lucky bastard who did win.

Trivial note: "Two Dozen Roses", recorded by Shenandoah, was co-written by Mac McAnally, who toured and wrote songs with Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy has never covered a C.W. song to our knowledge, but that's probably because there aren't any mountains in Florida.

Phantom I-One-Oh

Jim Fisher, the operator of the C.W. McCall MP3 Archive has contributed two songs to the FTP site, both of them by Red Sovine: "Convoy" (3.7 MB, MP3 format) and "Roses For Mama" (3.3 MB, MP3 format).

Technically, "Roses For Mama" isn't a cover of a C.W. song, because Bill didn't write it, but it's relevant enough for us.

"Official" Merchandise

C.W. McCall International Fan Club Official C.W. McCall Fan Club Membership Cards. If you expressed interest in obtaining one of these cards but you haven't yet made your donation, then get off your hiney and do it!

  1. Make your check or money order payable to "Boy Scouts of America".
  2. Send it to
    Edward Floden
    6203 Ojibwa Ln
    McHenry, IL 60050-7400

Your card will be in the next day's mail.

If you're interested in obtaining a card and you're not on the 'reserved' list, send a request to First come, first served, until they're gone.

Convoy 2000 T-Shirts. Alan Chafin still has a few Convoy 2000 t-shirts for sale. Inquire about their availability from

These shirts are 100% guaranteed to be white, with a green map of the United States on the front.

Song A’ Th’ Week

This week's song has a particular relevance to me: Jackson Hole was the first 'C.W. McCall location' that I had ever visited. I was working for the US Government in Idaho Falls, Idaho when Wilderness was released and I saw my one (and sadly, only) show by C.W. McCall. I'd arrived on a motorcycle the previous October and I'd toured the area a bit before the snow set in; but not until the following April was I able to travel without freezing portions of my anatomy. One of the first places that I visited was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which was about 90 miles away by way of the reg'lar highway.

Jackson Hole
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Wilderness

Well, packin' on back to Jackson
Fifteen wagons an' forty-five orn'ry mules
Packin' on back to Jackson
Workin' the beaver trail
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Fifteen wagons an' forty-five orn'ry mules
Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

Yeah, packin' on back to Jackson
Four flat tires an' a worn-out Chevy coupe
Packin' on back to Jackson
Workin' the Teton trail
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Four flat tires an' a worn-out Chevy coupe
Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

[Oh, yeah. Time for the instrumental portion of our program. Banjo pickin', of course.]

Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Fifteen wagons an' forty-five orn'ry mules
Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Four flat tires an' a worn-out Chevy coupe

Packin' on back to Jackson
Goose down socks an' forty-dollar walkin' shoes
Packin' on back to Jackson
A-workin' the backpack trail
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Goose down socks an' forty-dollar walkin' shoes
Jackson Hole, Wyomin'
Ten more moons an' we gonna rendevous

"Jackson Hole" can be found on the album The Best of C.W. McCall.

The Legend-News is Copyright 2001 TechRen Enterprises. This edition has been brought to you by Ed's Hotter-N-Hell Chili, which always fails to win at the day job's 'Chili Cook-Off' because there are too many wimps voting. Thanks to Bill Fries and Chip Davis for the words and music, and thanks to everyone who hasn't sent us a 'cease-and-desist' letter.