The Legend-News

Monday, 2001 May 21 : Volume 4, Number 11

What We Got Here

Superslab Slowdown: another sort-of C.W. reference in Futurama; Re: McCall: the truth about Milton; Song A’ Th’ Week: "Mountains On My Mind".

Superslab Slowdown

Two issues ago, in Convoy 3001, we published a series of still pictures from an episode of Futurama in which the song "Convoy" was featured. This time, we have a follow-up on the traffic conditions in the year 3001, as noted in this panel from issue 3 of the Futurama Comics.

Futurama Comics 3, page 20, panel 3

Re: McCall

Got a question for Bill? Send it to But before you ask, check out the questions on the Re: McCall Repository; you may find your answer there.

In the last edition of The Legend-News, the featured Song A’ Th’ Week was the story of a country band and their tour manager, "a fella by the name of Milton".

Q. Carey Dodson asks: "Did Milton the man exist as the song states or was he a composition of several tour managers?"

A. Milton was for real, not an amalgamation.

Milton was one of those rare individuals who could deal with many problems at the same time. Very organized, very talented. He was born in Bailey, Colorado and after a long illness — after the McCall Group had disbanded — he died in Bailey, Colorado, back home in the Rockies. We think of him often, and will not forget him.

Thank you for keeping him in our memories.

— Bill

FYI: this Milton isn't the "Milton Bailey" who is listed in the credits of several C.W. McCall and Mannheim Steamroller albums. That Milton is the organist at the First Divine Science Church of Denver.

By the way, Bill had this to say about the weather in Ouray last week: "Not yet ready for prime time summer here yet. 68 tops. 35 low. But it's coming."

Song A’ Th’ Week

Another song about being away from home, but not like the events of "Milton". Bill says of this song, "I wrote 'Mountains on My Mind' on a New York to L.A. flight. The plane flew right over Ouray, Colorado, and as I looked down on my favorite place in the whole world, I thought about how we all must do certain things in our lives that we really don't want to do."

Mountains On My Mind
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Black Bear Road

Rollin' down the runway
Thinkin' 'bout the one-way of my life
With another cup of coffee
And another lonesome city far behind

This old 747 will be flyin' over Heaven
One more time
And the tears begin to fallin'
When I think about the mountains on my mind

But now the skies above are sunny
And it's time to say it's funny
How I never thought I'd ever fly this high
But maybe someday when it's over
When I'm just a little older
I can go back to the mountains on my mind

Flyin' through the night time
To a far off city skyline in the dawn
And a thousand lights below me
Are like fireflies tryin' to tell me that I'm wrong

So I try to find a reason
To forget the changin' seasons in my mind
But the winds of time are blowin'
And I've gotta go on knowin' that I tried

'Cause now I hear a different drummer
And I've used up all my summers
Chasin' rainbows that I really didn't wanna find
But maybe someday when it's over
When I'm just a little older
I can go back to the mountains on my mind

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