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What We Got Here

Cubs Win!

Now, to you folks living in some areas of the country, any reference to the Chicago Cubs is cause for laughter. Sure, they've been a bit less-than-competitive for while, but for the first time since 1989, Cubs fans are actually happy.

Back in '89, the Cubs competed for the National League pennant. They lost, as history reminds us. And further back, in '45, they made it all the way to the World Series before they were defeated by the Detroit Tigers, who won't be competing for any post-season games this year.

And in 1908, as many sports writers have constantly reminded you for the past month, the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series. Yes, there has been a drought here in Mudville, but Next Year is finally here.

Sure, we've got to win 8 of the next 14 games. But oh, to be in the playoffs! For the Cubs, that alone makes the season worthwhile. And if not for the playoff system that was set in 1995, we'd be the NL Champions right now. Damned expansion teams.

The problem with being a Cub fan, though, is that you can never be truly sure that they're going to win. The game may be in the eighth inning with the opposing team at bat, with 2 outs, a 0 and 2 count, and the Cubs up by 6 runs, and a Cubs fan will still be wondering how badly his team is going to lose. We really like our team, but we don't have much confidence in its ability to actually win a game. This lack of surety is probably the reason why Cubs fans consume more antacid, per capita, than any other sports fan (a statistic which I just made up, so don't try to prove it).

"It ain't over 'til it's over." Until the final out in the final inning of the final game of the World Series, with the Cubs still in the lead, will I and the other Cub fans throw away our Rolaids, and rejoice that mighty Casey hasn't struck out.

Of all glad words
Of tongue or pen
The gladdest are these:

Meanwhile, Back At The Critter Ranch

New Critters On The Block

Chris Rahm, Denver, Colorado:

Howdy! My name is Chris Rahm and I grew up in Ouray (now I live in Denver). I first saw C.W. McCall when I was about 10 years old in the town theater (now closed). I was enthralled, mostly because he was talking and singing about subjects I knew about. I've been over the Black Bear, worked in the Camp Bird Mine (as did my father; Bill Fries wrote the song after my dad took him on a tour of the mine), I remember when the "Crispy Critters" (fictional, but not so fictional… gotta remember that this was the early and mid-seventies) came to town, I remember Roy the Sheriff only because I used to play at that same Conoco station as a kid, lost a friend in the Riverside Slide (snowplow driver Eddie Imel), have ridden the Silverton, and played around in a lot of those ghost towns he sings about (most of which are gone now; as he said in the San Juan Odyssey, "…the San Juan winters have been hard. The buildings are tumbling down now… merging with the white waters of the Animas…").

Rick Uhlenkott, Master Model Railroader, Nampa, Idaho.

I like trucks and trains, and CW fits with both for me.

Rick's e-mail address begins with "RDUhleNkott"; says Rick, "The capitalised 'N' refers to the scale I model in."

SatansSweetSister (yes, that's the handle):

I have been down Wolf Creek Pass on a Harley, in probably one of the greatest electrical storms of the 20th century. Makes for a real pretty ride in the freezing rain when lightning touches down right next to your boot and blows the asphalt out from underneath your bike! Would have changed it for the world. My head set was playing the Wolf Creek Pass song as I traveled through. Just seemed right.

And lastly, Darryl Bamsey of Essex, England. Now he can listen again to "Convoy G.B."

Want to be listed as a fan of C.W. McCall on the Big List A' Critters? Send a message to us at, giving your name and 20; and if your message makes it past our spam filters, you will ceremoniously added to the only list of C.W. McCall fans in the whole wide world. You'll feel better for it.

Critters In The Wild

Jim Conte updates us on the changing seasons.

Mystic Knights and Ladies of the Rusty Rail,

Winter is coming; is your snow equipment ready? Southern Pacific has theirs ready to go, either West or East from Truckee [California], high in Donner Pass.

I visited and snapped this while on a side trip from Reno, Nevada on September 3, 2003.

P.S. They serve a great breakfast at the Coffee and…, which is right across the street from the Amtrak station.


Southern Pacific rotary snowplows at Truckee, California, 3 September 2003

Rod the Radio Trucker corrects us about this year's "World's Largest Truck Convoy":

The World's Largest Truck Convoy was held in five states Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, and Tennessee. Matter of fact, Dave Nemo was involved with the one out of Nashville. Who is Dave Nemo you ask? Just listen to Rubber Duck track 4, "Windshield Wipers In The Rain": it refers to Dave's show, what used to be called "The Roadgang' which used to be on WWL in New Orleans but is now only on XM [Satellite radio. — Ed.] but it is still the same trucker show.

Mike Madonna has been shopping:

For those who may not know, I wanted to let you know that the Mannheim Steamroller have released a double CD for Halloween. Chip Davis has put together a handsomely packaged, fun spookfest for those of us who love that sort of thing.

Disc 1 contains new arrangements of old standards "spooky" tunes such as "Toccata in D Fugue" and "Night on Bald Mountain". There are other original compositions on this disc as well.

Disc 2 features sound effects tracks such as "Ghost Voices" and "The Reaper". I paid $19.00 for it at Sam Goody's in the South County Mall here in St. Louis yesterday.

You can find out more about it at

Old Home Café: The Next Generation

Episode XXV

From the October 6, 2003 edition of the Pisgah Occasional:


By Kathy Hopkins

The 74th annual Pisgah Firemen's Ball was held this past Saturday. It had the largest attendance since the 1978 Ball, when local resident and trucker C.W. McCall was honored for his contributions to Pisgah history and tourism.

The new owner and operator of the famous Old Home Café, Jonathan Bach, was in attendance. He escorted Ms. Avis Granelli, the daughter of the aforementioned Mr. McCall, to the event. Mr. Bach was also responsible for the catering of the Ball, providing a variety of barbecue and fast foods to the happy crowd.

The most amazing site at the sight at the Ball was the "Auto-Dog", an automatic hot-dog preparation machine which Mr. Bach is evaluating for future use in the Old Home Café. Except for one minor mishap, which resulted in Mrs. Jane Carinsky being splashed with mustard, the Auto-Dog and its inventor, Mr. Harry Parsons, were the technological highlight of the evening.

Music was provided by the local "garage band", DMV, who, despite their seeming rock-n-roll leanings, played the best big band swing that has been heard in Pisgah since Tommy Dorsey's appearance at the Firemen's Ball of 1954.

Song A’ Th’ Week

The long days are over, and you're now waking up before sunrise. Until the government makes you change your clocks again.

Watch The Wildwood Flowers
(Ron Agnew)
From the album Roses For Mama

Jimmy Joe left the mountain 'bout seven months ago,
When the autumn nights turned cool
Chasin' a dream, like they say
Just goin' away to school

An' though he loved Amy more'n anything else,
He felt he just had to go, and make his way
An' Amy felt pretty close to dyin' when Jimmy left
That September day

Y'see, there was somethin' she had to tell him,
But the words were never found
An' as they stood there by the garden gate,
Jimmy picked a wildflower from the ground

As he placed it in Amy's hand an' kissed her,
An' her fingers touched the dew,
He wiped her tears away and told her he'd be back
Not knowin' what she knew

Watch the wildwood flowers for me
And I'll watch my dreams for you
And I promise that I'll write you everyday
And when the winter snow is gone
Touch the flowers as they grow
And when the first one blooms then I'll be on my way

Well, Jimmy Joe never wrote those letters
An' through the winter, Amy's hopes grew dim
As she felt the life inside her stir
An' she watched the flowers grow, for him

Last spring Jimmy Joe came home, too late
He found that Amy'd gone away
An' died givin' life to his baby boy
An' he recalled what he had said that September day

Watch the wildwood flowers for me
And I'll watch my dreams for you
And when the first one blooms then I'll be on my way
Watch the wildwood flowers for me
And I'll watch my dreams for you
And when the first one blooms then I'll be on my way
And when the first one blooms then I'll be on my way

Next Issue. What? I've got to write yet another one of these? My creative writing teacher didn't tell me that fiction would be so hard!

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