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Sunday, 2004 June 6 : Volume 7, Number 3 Latest⇒

The Dark Of The Moon

Today (which may be June 6, depending upon when you read this) is the 29th anniversary of the date of The Convoy. If you don't believe that, I have proof.

By The Way: next June 6, in 2005, will have a new moon. Is this an omen for Convoy 2005?


Heartbreaking Country Ballad Paralyzes Trucking Industry, according to The Onion. Well, at least it saves fuel.

The World's Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics, 2004

Remember last year, when The World's Largest Truck Convoy (hereinafter referred to as "WLTC") set a record? Well this year, there are WLTCs planned for all over the U.S.

World's Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics, 2004

WLTC, the creation of Corporal Norm Schneiderhan of the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff's Department, will once again be rolling on Saturday, September 18. If you have a truck and want to participate, or if you just want to know where the convoys will be held, check the official web site.

New Critters On The Block

Kim D. Mower & Sons (Washington); Michael Mohrmann (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Convoy 2005

Next year's attempt to duplicate a storied feat, a.k.a. "Convoy 2005", is still scheduled, although we haven't yet decided upon a route. Several Critters have voiced their opinions, with many wanting to spend some time in the Ouray, Colorado area, and there was even a suggestion to travel through New Hampshire (which is, I think, a suburb of Nova Scotia).

If you've got ideas or questions, join the discussion on the Other Wild Places forum. [Which is long dead, killed by spammers. — Future Ed. 2012-04-26]

Holiday Homerdrive

Thanks to Alan "Skywalker" Chafin (who seems to have more time on his hands than I have), I've now a copy of "Christmas Convoy", which was a scene in the Christmas episode of season 15 of The Simpsons.

The transcript:

DJ: Now let's downshift to the holiday spirit with "Christmas Convoy".

Trucker: Star shone bright, that silent night, ninety miles out of manger town. All the gold and myrrh and frankincense, three kings, put the hammer down!

Chorus: 'Cause we've got a Christmas Convoy, ain't she a beautiful thing? We've gotta roll this truckin' convoy, to see the newborn king. Convoy!

Trucker: 10-4, King of the Jews.

And the file.

Bargains We Missed

Lori Theiss of Dallas, Texas wrote: "How much is a Midland C.W. McCall CB radio (new in the box) worth?"

I estimated about $60.00. I'd pay that must for a new one. But alas, there was bad news in her reply:

Thanks! I should have bought them. They were new, in the box, manuals, etc. for $12 each at a garage sale. Now I know.

So, if anyone's making the rounds of the garage sales in Dallas, keep on eye open for these. If they're in good shape, I'm interested.


Mary Ann White of Smyrna, Georgia has an idea: a remake of the movie CONVOY, released in 1978 to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the the release of the original movie.

It would be a great time for a "reunion" movie or a "Next Generation" movie — Why? Because trucking has changed so much in 30 years!

The trucking industry now contends with:

If only Sam Peckinpah were alive today.

Update: Bill's reply to Mary Ann's proposal:

I'm definitely not interested. Hell, I may not even be here in 2008.

I've told Bill that he's a pessimist.

Re: McCall

Re: McCall is, if you've forgotten or have never known, a rare feature in The Legend-News in which Bill Fries answers questions. Today's query is from Michael Mohrmann of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Did you make a cameo appeance in the movie "Convoy"?

Bill's reply:

No. I never visited the set and I wasn't in a cameo.

Maybe we can get Bill in Mary Ann's remake.

Next issue: We continue with the transcript of Bill's interview on Classic Heartland.

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