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Saturday, 2004 September 4 : Volume 7, Number 9 Latest⇒

Re: McCall

Bill Fries (the real C.W. McCall) occassionally answers questions about himself and related phenomena. Critter BRAD DAW posed the question, "Have you ever considered rewriting Convoy to retell the taking of Baghdad last year?"

Bill replied "There are some things in life that cannot be improved. 'Convoy' is one of them."

This topic is hereby declared closed. "Convoy" is forever chiseled in stone.

New Critters On The Block

Official entries in the Big List A' Critters (soon to be called The Swimming Pool): Dan Mizzel; John Parkin.

We've got about 200 Critters in the list now. If you're not one of them, drop a note to and we'll pin your name to the board.

Movin' On

The redeployment of C.W. McCall: An American Legend to its new location is doing well. There are a few pages that still need to be added, mostly in the Works section and we've got to move the Other Wild Places bulletin board, but on the whole the site is shaping up nicely. We expect to be live in about a week. You can visit the site for a look.

World’s Largest Truck Convoy

You're almost too late to enter, but you can still attend the World's Largest Truck Convoy, which is being held somewhere near you. Check the Special Olympics site for details.

Meanwhile, Back At The Critter Ranch

Chris Doyle claims that he has a new chainsaw.

David Frederick reports that his site, Convoy: The Movie, now has background sound; you can listen to a MIDI of "Convoy" until your eyes glaze over.

Blatant Advertisements

Buy C.W. McCall CDs!

Old Home Café

The humidity was high in Pisgah today. How high was it? Well, the sugar wasn't coming out of the sugar shaker even after you banged it on the table a few times. This annoying situation caused a few customers to surrender to the weather and rip open a packet of Sweet 'n' Low, but the die-hard sugar lovers just twisted open the shaker and dug out a few chunks for themselves.

Harry Parsons was visiting, making a few minor tweaks and improvements on the Café's second major tourist attraction, the Auto-Dog. The mechanised tube steak dispenser had been working well, but Harry had thought of a new feature that he ought to add.

Jon observed Harry's tinkering. He hoped that, when Harry was finished, the Auto-Dog was still working. Harry wasn't talking about the "new feature": "When it's done, Jonny, you'll be the first to see it." Jon wondered if he would soon be wiping something off of the walls.

Fortunately, the crowd in the dining room wasn't there for the hot dogs. Another biker club was rolling through town and they'd stopped at the Café for some of Mike's burgers. Since Mike had widened the selection of ingredients, he'd been getting the oddest requests. A provolone and tomato burger was understandable; but feta and avocado? He was wondering if some of these riders weren't secretly from California.

As Jon poured another cup of coffee, he looked out of the window at the hot, sunny day and wondered if a plot would develop.

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