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“Lies, Half-truths and Stuff That We Made Up”

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What We Got Here

An announcement of a charity auction, and something ripped from the pages of a calendar.

’Bout 14 Miles Northeast of Pisgah

An announcement from Crispy Critter Patrick Joseph:

There will be a charity auction in Soldier, Iowa on November 18th for some friends of mine that are having huge medical bills to pay. I am donating my copy of the American Gramaphone 45 RPM record “Old Home Filler-Up an' Keep-on-a-Truckin' Café” (that’s how it’s spelled on the 45’s label) that I’ve had since 1974. I will also include a CD copy that I created from the 45. Since Soldier is close to Pisgah, where the cafe is located, it might draw some local interest. American Gramaphone will also be donating a couple gift baskets to the auction.

The auction will be at the community building in Soldier. The luncheon will start at 11:30 AM and the auction at 12:30 PM.

— Patrick Joseph

Benefit in Soldier, Iowa

One-Tenth of One Percent of the Places You Need To See Before You Die

On the desk across the room from mine, amongst such curious items as a dragon-shaped incense burner, a crescent-moon desk lamp and an empty can of Diet Coke (Just for the taste of it! Diet Coke!), there’s one of those “Page-a-Day” calendars with a theme of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.

Coincidentally, the “Place To See” for this past September 24th has a connection to C.W. McCall:

The Durango and Silverton Railroad

Here’s the text, if you can’t read it:

1,000 Places To See Before You Die Calendar

Durango and Silverton Railroad

Colorado, USA

Train fans should hop on board Colorado’s Durango and Silverton puffing, vintage steam locomotive, which makes several trips a dap along a 45-mile scenic route climbing a 3,000-foot ascent through glacier-carved valleys, along narrow canyon bridges, and through impassable stretches of the dense San Juan forest and mountains.

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