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Thursday, 2009 December 24 : Volume 12, Number 4
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End of the Year

Merry Christmas, Joyeaux Nöel, Buon Natale, Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia, Mutlu Noeller. (Pick one or more.)

Bill Fries is still around and entertaining the people in his corner of Colorado. And Chip Davis is busy organizing the many Mannheim Steamroller concerts across the country.

Bill was inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame. And he was interviewed on satellite radio!

Coming Attractions

Planning continues for Convoy 2KX, yet another attempt to cross the USA in a preposterous amount of time (ignoring Alex Roy’s record of 2795 miles in 31 hours, 4 minutes).

Scheduled for six too-long days on the road, T.A. Chafin — the same guy that was responsible for Convoy 2000 — is plotting the route. Contact him if you might be interested in joining us in this endeavor. Convoy 2KX is expected to take place during the first weeks of June.

The Legend-News will report further details in the coming weeks.

And to make your Christmas a little happier, here’s The C.W. McCall Christmas Song (no, not “Riverside Slide”).

If you don’t have the song (it’s on the Rubber Duck album), you can download a copy, taken from Ed.’s scratchy record.

Sing Silent Night
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

When the snow falls on Christmas Eve,
And everything’s white
I sit by the window,
And remember another night
When Mama played the organ,
And we turned off all the lights
And we all stood around her
And sang Silent Night

The organ is quiet now,
And Mama’s gone
The sound of that Christmas Eve
Will live on and on
We sang all the old carols,
The hymns she loved to hear
And she played them over, one by one,
From memory, and by ear

Silent Night by Carol McCrady

And then she’d find the ancient album,
With its pages turned gold
And the crayon-colored paper star
I made so long ago
But brighter than any star
Was the love in Mama’s eyes
As she said, “Merry Christmas, kids”,
And she kissed us goodnight

And the organ’s quiet now,
And Mama’s gone
But the sound of that Christmas Eve
Will live on and on
The years have gone by now,
Since that last Christmas Eve
But the joy is still with me,
And the love will never leave

When Mama played the organ,
And we turned off all the lights
And we all stood together
And sang the last Silent Night

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