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Tuesday, 2010 May 11 : Volume 13, Number 3
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What We Got Here

Convoy 2KX Update

We Will Ride No Road Till We’re Ready

Hem. Haw. (insert throat-clearing here)

In the words of Robbie Burns, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley”.

The starting date of Convoy 2KX has been changed. Blame the economy, blame the opposition, blame it on Rio.

Due to circumstances beyond our control (damn you, circumstances!), we have been forced to reschedule the coast-to-coast fun fest known as Convoy 2KX. Instead of beginning our journey on the holy day of June 6, we will instead commence trucking on Sunday, August 8.

Searching for C.W. McCall Searching for C.W. McCall

Tom Claffey’s new novel, Searching for C.W. McCall, is now available directly from the publisher, ABQ Press .

Go buy a copy. Now. And then go to and buy a copy of Hoot ’N’ Holler, the first book in the trilogy. [ Paperback | Hardcover ]

Searching for C.W. McCall is the second book in this series, and Tom’s working on the third.

Critters on the Loose

Al Curtis took a trip up and down Wolf Creek Pass in 2002, on his motorcycle.

C.W. Sightings

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