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Monday, 2011 September 5 : Volume 14, Number 9
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What We Got Here

There is actual news, in Action Central Eyewitness News.

In Over the Double Nickel, I find that I use archaic words.

In past news: Midland CB Commercial

Action Central Eyewitness News

Tom Claffey reports that the third of his trucking novels, Bloomfield to Baghdad, is currently with the editors at ABQ Press. A publication date has not yet been announced. (Buy his books! Buy his books!)

Australians protesting the government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard gathered for several convoys, intending to drive into Canberra on August 22. The protest was declared as “a flop” by Bob Brown, the lead of the Australian Greens.

The Travel Channel is now airing a new “reality” series, Truck Stop Missouri, about the Midway Truck Stop and Travel Center in Columbia, Missouri.

And, in British Columbia (one of those perpetually-snowbound regions to the north of the U.S.A.), September 4 through 10 is National Trucking Week.

Over the Double Nickel

Yesterday’s Words

by Ed. Floden

George Carlin, on his 1981 album A Place For My Stuff, tells about his home life in “Ice Box Man”. I’m guessing that most of the readers of this article have never seen an icebox. If you know the term, then you probably learned it from your parents, who picked it up from your grandparents. Iceboxes began to be replaced by the modern electrically-operated refrigerator around 1930 (in the USA, anyway).

George was born in 1937, so his family may have had an icebox; but not for very long. An icebox required an iceman to supply the ice; and once the refrigerator had arrived, the iceman departed.

But I still make an occasional reference to “the icebox”, because that’s what my ancestors called it. And I call a collection of sound recordings an “album”, a word that almost disappeared from use as the audio compact disc (the “CD”; yes, the name is not just two letters) proliferated. The recent resurgence of vinyl LPs (“Long-Playing”) may bring back that word for another generation.

Do you ever call a television a “television set”? Then your age is probably about my own, or older. Do you call your radio a “radio set”? If you do, then you’re really old.

When I was a kid, the casual shoes that I wore were always “sneakers”, whether they were Keds® or Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (before Nike almost killed the brand). “Gym shoes” weren’t called that until I reached high school (circa 1968). And “athletic shoes”, that catch-all term, didn’t exist. There were “basketball shoes” (Chuck Taylor All Star, of course!) and “tennis shoes” and “wrestling shoes”, but that was it. No “cross-trainers” or “running” or “walking”.

Have you ever ridden in a jalopy? Sent or received a telegram (and not the “sexy” kind)? Wrapped a sandwich in tin foil? Called someone using a blower? Watched a “filmstrip” about the “atom bomb”?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, take a nap. You are old and wise.

— Ed.

Previously, in The Legend-News

Midland CB Commercial

From the 2003 February 3 issue of The Legend-News.

C.W. McCall did several commercials in the 1970s for Midland CB radios. Ron Sparks has an MP3 of one on his web site. For the benefit of the MP3-less, here’s a transcript of that 60-second commercial. It was originally recorded off the air on June 21, 1976, during a broadcast of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Update, 2011 September 4. Or, get the audio file here.

(Background music: “Convoy”)

Rubber Duck: “Mercy sakes, this is Rubber Duck. Gonna be late, ’less one of you cowboys can help me.”

Well I was headin’ for a gig in my four-wheel rig
An’ I was runnin’ late, gettin’ down
’Cause with all a’ them folks on the boulevard
We weren’t never gonna get across town
But when you got you a Midland CB rig
Well, you got about a million friends
You don’t have to be no cotton-picker
Just a-settin’ and a-sweatin’ your hands

Join the Midland Convoy
Get a Midland CB

Trucker: “10-4, Rubber Duck. Slip on in behind this 18-wheeler, c’mon.”

Well, I coulda’ set on that ramp ’til the leaves turned brown
’Cause them cars was wall-to-wall
But I had me a Midland CB rig
And them truckers all heard my call
If we hadn’t a’ slipped in between them semis
I never woulda broke that line
But with a little help from the Midland Convoy
Rubber Duck was right on time, 10-4.

Trucker: “3s on ya, good buddy. You truck ’em safe now, ya hear?”

Go on the Midland Convoy
Get a Midland CB

Rubber Duck: “When you get a Midland CB, you get a Convoy Buddy. C’mon.”

Guy reading the small print: “FCC license required.”

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