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Monday, 2013 March 3 : Volume 16, Number 1
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What We Got Here

Despite rumors of its demise (and if you haven’t heard them, I’m starting them now), The Legend-News has not ceased publication! This issue is just a little late. Okay, two months late. Blame it on 2012 being a leap year. Yeah, that’s the ticket: leap year. And the drought.

Business at TechRen Enterprises (“Hey, that’s me!” said Bozo) has been down a bit as of late, so I’ve been working at a few other odd jobs; they’ve been keeping me away from the computer. The computer doesn’t like when I’m not there, and becomes very depressed. So depressed, that my uninterruptable power supply died from loneliness.

So here’s something to read on these final cold nights of winter, before the stupidity of Daylight Saving Time and the candity (I say that it’s a word) of the Easter Bunny arrive, but not simultaneously.

Surfin’ with the Rubber Duck

The first contribution is from The Lady Across The Room, who was busy reading The Straight Dope message boards, about the ’70s and whether people missed ’em or not:

Join Date: Apr 2001
Ah, the 70's, when Mimes had their own TV show, 'Convoy' became bigger than any Internet meme you've every encountered, 'Wolfman Jack' was the height of radio communication, and some of the best car chases ever put on film were filmed. 

The West Nishnabotna River Water Trail appreciates (what else?) “Nishnabotna”.

C.W. McCall: A Poet for the Ages. Hey, if this site can be named “C.W. McCall: An American Legend”, then “A Poet for the Ages” is fine with me.

A video of a westbound drive through Wolf Creek Pass, on Western Hero.

The inductee page of Billy Dale Fries at the Iowa Rock’n Roll Association Hall of Fame.

C.W. McCall is still alive.

Who Played Bass on C.W. McCall’s “Convoy”? on TalkBass.

American Bandstand, on December 24, 1977: C.W. McCall sang “Sing Silent Night”. Whatever happened to Angel?

Hee-Haw, on October 30, 1976; C.W. performs “Convoy” and “Crispy Critters”.

Single Of The Day: C. W. McCall “Round The World With The Rubber Duck”

Colorado Trip, Day 5: Silverton to Wolf Creek Pass, on The Elements Unearthed, “Our Discovery and Usage of the Chemical Elements”.

You already knew this, right?

Best Cannibal Song Ever! I am not responsible for the weirdness that follows the article.

I’m an official homepage? Thanks, BBC!

When the Rubber Duck went ’round the world, he skipped travelling through Oz. This is compensation.

Yes, “Convoy” is mentioned. Truck Stop, Iowa.

And finally, the Music Lyrics Database’s collection of C.W. McCall song lyrics. A fine collection, I must say, because they totally copied everything from my website! Compare the MLDb version of “Telluride Breakdown” with my version. Do you notice anything strange? Frakkin’ plagiarists.

The latest review on The Thinking Chick’s Guide: Argo (2012).

Plan Ahead

The Midwest Pride In Your Ride Truck and Tractor Show will be held on the first weekend of May (3rd and 4th) at the Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, Iowa. Earlville is about eight miles west of Dyersville, home of the “Field of Dreams”, and about 35 miles west of Dubuque.

Books by Tom Claffey

Previously, in The Legend-News

From the 2004 June 6 issue of The Legend-News.


Mary Ann White of Smyrna, Georgia has an idea: a remake of the movie CONVOY, released in 1978 to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the the release of the original movie.

It would be a great time for a “reunion” movie or a “Next Generation” movie — Why? Because trucking has changed so much in 30 years!

The trucking industry now contends with:

If only Sam Peckinpah were alive today.

Update: Bill’s reply to Mary Ann’s proposal:

I’m definitely not interested. Hell, I may not even be here in 2008.

I’ve told Bill that he’s a pessimist.

Update, 2013 March 4: The pessimist is still alive and kicking. — Ed.

PFG Performance: full-service auto repair in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Song A’ Th’ Month #1

“Telluride Breakdown”
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Wilderness

Dum da-da-dah dum da-da-dah dum da-da-dah dum-dum
Dum da-da-dah dum da-da-dah dum da-da-dah da-da-da

Dum dum da-dum-dum-da-dum
Dum dum da-dum-dum-da-dum (dum, dum)

Looking for real estate in northern Cook, Lake, Kane or McHenry Counties in Illinois? Ask Tony Bellino.

Song A’ Th’ Month #2

“Camp Bird Mine”
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)
From the album Rubber Duck

’Way out in Colorado
In the Camp Bird Mine
Down deep in the darkness
On level nine
Where the water trickles
An’ your blood runs cold
There’s a lonesome miner
Still lookin’ for gold

He’s way down deep…
In the Camp Bird Mine

He never sees the snowfall
Never knows the spring
’Cause its eternal midnight
Where he does his thing
He never feels the sunlight
Doesn't need the moon
He’s had his lamp a-burnin’
Since ’Ninety-two

He’s way down deep…
In the Camp Bird Mine

Way down deep…
Way down deep…
Way down deep…
Way down…
In the Camp Bird Mine

They say you never see ’im
You just know he’s there
But you can hear his hammer
In the devil’s lair
Where the silver sparkles
An’ your blood runs cold
There’s a phantom miner
Still lookin’ for gold

He’s way down deep
In the Camp Bird Mine

Way down deep…
Way down deep…
Way down deep…
Way down deep…
In the Camp Bird Mine

“Telluride Breakdown” does not appear on any C.W. McCall audio CD; but “Camp Bird Mine” is the 25th and final track on the 2012 release of Wolf Creek Pass, available at fine music stores everywhere.

If you need any painting or construction done in northern Illinois (and elsewhere),
talk to Ivan at Diamond Painting Services ’n’ Construction.

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