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Monday, 2015 March 30: Volume 18, Number 1
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Convoy 2015

Got an urge to make a road trip?

Skywalker, one of the three drivers who made the epic Convoy 2000 journey in the summer of that year (Pop Quiz! Name the handles of the other two drivers!) has been planning a repeat of that drive for about five years. This summer, he’s doing it: San Francisco to Atlantic City, by way of Rachel, Nevada and Ouray, Colorado.

Want to participate in Convoy 2015? Skywalker is planning for a meet-up in San Francisco on June 6, and beginning the actual drive on June 7. He anticipates reaching Atlantic City on June 13 or 14, after a few days of nice, easy driving over some back routes, seeing America.

Contact Skywalker for details.

2015 is the 40th anniversary of “Convoy”: the song was originally released in November 1975, and reached the Number One position on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Hot 100 lists in December 1975 and January 1976.

Ouray and Rachel were two stops that Skywalker et al. made on the way west to the starting point of the Convoy 2000 drive; Ouray being the home of the real C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, and Rachel is the town nearest to Area 51 (insert spooky music here).

[One of these days, I really will finish my story about Convoy 2000, even if I need to fictionalize that experience. — Ed.]

CONVOY: The Movie, Finally On DVD And Blu-Ray!

David Frederick, the proprietor of CONVOY THE MOVIE, has seen the Region 2 release of CONVOY from Kino Lorber. He has reviewed it on his website.

KINO LORBER (a new DVD distribution company, out of NYC) is releasing CONVOY to Region 1 DVD and Blu Ray on April 28, 2015. Will be available on their website, and stores. The DVD will include full length commentary, a 70-minute documentary and tons of others extra features. “Kino Lorber is giving Convoy its long over due re-release for the first time in 24 years with bonus features worthy of this lost classic.”

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