American Spirit

American Spirit Star Spangled Banner
American Spirit
America The Beautiful
Fanfare For The Common Man
Yellowstone Morning
Wolf Creek Pass
Home On The Range
Mount McKinley
Tin Type
Battle Hymn Of The Republic

American Spirit was released in time for Memorial Day 2003, on American Gramaphone audio CD, stock number AGC 1776-2.

The cover of American Spirit is a portion of a painting by Terry Redlin, called “Good Morning America”.

This album is a collection of patriotic music, including Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man”, “America The Beautiful”, “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”, “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Home On The Range”, plus new compositions by Chip Davis. Bill Fries, the real C.W. McCall, contributed several spoken word pieces, including the trucker’s anthem “Convoy”.

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