Oregon Trail
(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)

Did you see me at Westport landing
On the wide Missouri shore
Did you hear the west wind calling
In the spring of forty-four

If the mud don’t stay and the cattle don’t stray
We can make Fort Kearny by the middle of May

Did you see me at old Fort Kearny
Did you hear my trumpets blow
Did you write your name in stone boys
On the great Platte River road

If the wolf don’t howl in the dark of the moon
We can make Scotts Bluff by the middle of June

Did you see that endless prairie
Blowin’ clean and pure and free
Did you hear that rollin’ thunder
On the wild Nebraska sea

Did you climb the shining mountains
Did you cross that Great Divide
Did you pray to God Almighty
To let you down the other side

Roll wagons, rollin’ rollin’
Roll wagons, rollin’ home

Did you see me out on the desert
Did you see my oxen die
Did you find a drop of water
Did you hear my children cry

If the sun don’t shine and the river don’t rise
We can make South Pass by the fourth of July

Did you see the high Sierra
Far beyond the burning sand
Did you find that golden valley
Did you reach the Promised Land

If the snow don’t fly and the river don’t dry
We can make that valley before we die

These are the lyrics as they’re printed on the album cover, with one difference: the printed lyrics are displayed in ALL UPPERCASE letters. Read the lyrics as transcribed from the album.

“Oregon Trail” does not appear on any C.W. McCall audio CD.