C.W. McCall & Co.

C.W. McCall & Co. LP. Cover scan by T A Chafin. Outlaws And Lone Star Beer
Wheels Of Fortune
City Of New Orleans
The Little Things In Life
The Cowboy
Flowers On The Wall
Silver Cloud Breakdown
I Wish There Was More That I Could Give
Hobo’s Lullaby

The sixth and final album of the “Original Six” C.W. McCall releases.

Only one song on this album, “The Little Things In Life”, is attributed to Bill Fries and Chip Davis.

But Chip Davis is the composer of “Silver Cloud Breakdown”, an instrumental work that was used in the motion picture CONVOY; but it was not included on the soundtrack album. It’s the music used during the fight scene in the diner.

None of the selections on this album have been released on audio CD.


Date Distributor Format Catalog number
1979 Polydor Incorporated LP PD-1-6190
1979 Polydor Incorporated Cassette CT-1-6190



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