The Legendary C.W. McCall

The Legendary C.W. McCall cassette. Convoy
Wolf Creek Pass
Old Home Filler-Up An’ Keep On A-Truckin’ Café
There Won’t Be No Country Music (There Won’t Be No Rock ’N’ Roll)
Black Beer Road
’Round The World With The Rubber Duck
Four Wheel Cowboy
Outlaws And Lone Star Beer
Crispy Critter
The Gallopin’ Goose
Jackson Hole

A cassette-only retread. All of the songs, with the exception of "Outlaws And Lone Star Beer", can be found on The Best Of C.W. McCall and C.W. McCall’s Greatest Hits.

This tape is notable for the errors on the label and cassette body. "’Round The World With The Rubber Duck" is missing the apostrophe before "Round"; there’s an unintented nod to Oktoberfest in the title of "Black Beer Road"; and the band of hippies got seriously reduced in "Crispy Critter".


Date Distributor Format Catalog number
1991 PolyGram Special Products Cassette


Produced exclusively for and distributed by Southeastern Tape Distributors, P.O. Box 1359, Duluth, Georgia 30136. This Cassette Contains Previously Released Material.

This compilation (P) 1991 PolyGram Records, Inc. ©1991 Southeastern Tape Distributors

Manufactured and Marketed by PolyGram Special Products, a Division of PolyGram Group Distribution, Inc., 825 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10019