C.B. Savage
Rod Hart
From the album Breakeroo

The 1976 album Breakeroo is long out-of-print. The views expressed in this song are long out-of-fashion.

We was huntin’ bear in our rockin’ chair, out on I-Four-Oh
Dodgin’ bumps in pick-up trucks in west New Mexico
It was a cloudy day and me and ol’ Jay just about bored to tears
But we come awake when a C.B. breaker come a ringin’ loud and clear

We heard this voice that we ain’t never heard before sayin’
Break 19, I’m C.B Savage, hi all you 18-wheelers.
Anyone seen any smokey bears,
How about some bears smoking, aha C.B. Savage here, come-on.

Well, I looked at Jay, and I said “Hey, did you hear what I just heard?”
He nodded his head, and his face got red, we never said a word
We both reached for the mike, a-thinkin’ we might, just answer that one-nine call
When that C.B. device came back alive, just a lispin’ wall-to-wall

And that unusual voice came on again, sayin’
Break one-nine again, this is your one and only C.B. Savage.
Mercy sakes good buddy, aha, could I please have your 20?
I’d settle for a big 10-4, mercy, mercy, how ’bout a mile ha post
Listen, you can’t keep your handle down forever you know.
Speak to me peddle pumpers, how about it?

Well the box went dead and we looked straight ahead and didn’t say a word at all
We had four in the chair, and the door back there, nobody’d answer that call
A while went by, and Jay and I, we started breathin’ again
We figured this stranger was plumb out-of-range, when all at once he come back in

It was that same odd voice sayin’
Breakers, breakers, any takers, hi, hi, it’s me again.
I’m in your chair and I love it there
Say you truckers really know how to take a person for a ride
Speak to me you diesel demon, I’d love to get to know your handle aha
C.B. Savage here, come-on, come-on.

Well I grabbed the mike, and I held it tight, and my hand began to sweat
I looked at Jay, and he was grinnin’ away, like a big ol, bird-fed cat
So I put down the talker, and turned up the squawker, and got a good grip on the wheel
I decided the trucker that answered this nut sure as heck wasn’t gonna be me

’Bout that time that weird voice came back on again sayin’
You hoo, breakeroo, hi hi you Jim Dandy Jimmy John review
Do I ever have a surprise for you
If you listen real close, you’ll find my voice is changin’
And if you’ll start checkin’ your rear views, you’ll find you got company
Fine plain white Smokeys dressin’ up for a ticket-writin’ party
Y’all was so busy copyin’ my put-on, you didn’t notice your little convoy was being infiltrated
You can start shuttin’ ’em down any time now
This is your C.B. Savage, the Smokey’s friend, wall-to-wall and tree top tall
That is all, bye bye