About This Site

Unofficial and Unauthorized

C.W. McCall: An American Legend is not “the official C.W. McCall web site”. This is a fan-operated site, and it has no official, legal, or moral connection to Bill Fries (the real C.W. McCall, and the guy what wrote the words), Chip Davis (the guy what wrote the music), American Gramaphone (the company what owns the copyrights, mostly), or Universal Music Group or Polydor or Polygram or MGM or whatever multi-national megaconglomerate actually distributed the original recordings by C.W. McCall and that is now holding the master tape as hostages.

The opinions on this site are mine, not theirs. None of the above have endorsed this site, and I’m not attempting to infringe upon any rights which they have on their material. I’m just a fan.

But Bill Fries likes me, and Chip Davis is vaguely aware of my existence. So there.

The Official C.W. McCall Fan Club

This is not the official fan club, either. That club existed ’way back in the dark ages of the 1970s, C.E., and hasn’t done much since. The Crispy Critters are the un-official fan club, with no dues, no membership card, no t-shirt— heck, no nothin’. Maybe I’ll change that some day.

TechRen Enterprises

…is the bargain-basement operation that runs this place. Technically, TechRen Enterprises is a “DBA” (Doing Business As) company; the man behind the curtain is Ed. Floden, a semi-employed web site massager, audio digitizer, and writer of mediocre fiction, whose current goal in life is to rule the world. Bahahahahaha!

If you have a question about a particular aspect of this site, please use these addresses for your concern:

Read This Before Sending Your Message

If you are sending your message from an address @aol.com, you will not receive a reply from CW-McCall.com! We have never sent a spam message to anyone, but aol.com (and possibly other services) have flagged our domain as a spammer: this means that we cannot reply to you, because our reply will be rejected by your mail server. That rejection also includes subscriptions for The Legend-News.

Any message that is intended for Bill Fries will be forwarded to him, so don’t worry about that (his real e-mail address is not @cw-mccall.com).

If you want to receive mail from CW-McCall.com, you have two options: (1) convince your mail service that mail from CW-McCall.com is not spam, or (2) get a mail account on a service that doesn’t decide for you what is or is not spam (I suggest Google’s Gmail.)

Notes at the Foot

No, I will not tell you what is the e-mail address of Bill Fries. I’ll forward your mail, though. But you can send snail mail to him at PO Box E, Ouray, Colorado 81427-0589.

I don’t sell audio CDs of C.W. McCall albums, although I would like to. You’ll need to make do with can be found on the albums C.W. McCall’s Greatest Hits and The Best of C.W. McCall, and American Spirit. And The Real McCall: An American Storyteller may still be available from American Gramaphone; see the Emporium for details.

About the word “Café”

A notice to future historians: on most of the recordings of C.W. McCall, when the word ”Café” is used it is spelled without the accented “e”. I’m spelling it with the “é”.

Dates and Times

I’m a six-year Navy man, but I started liking 24-hour clocks long before my time in the service. So when you see a time-of-day mentioned on this site, it will be in 24-hour format; if the hour is greater than 12, subtract 12 to get the “AM/PM” equivalent.

The format that I use for my dates is year-month-day. This is essentially the ISO 8601 format for “Numeric Representation of Dates and Time”, but I’ve extended it for use even when the month is spelled out: i.e., “2010-02-01” if the date is strictly numeric, and “2010 February 01” if the month is spelled.

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