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Welcome to C.W. McCall: An American Legend, the only website devoted to the life and times of C.W. McCall.

The Legend

If you’re a new fan of C.W. McCall, or you don’t know who he is, start in the Legend section. You’ll get background information on C.W. McCall and other people in his life and career.


For information about C.W.’s records and songs, go to Works. You’ll get details on all of the recordings made by C.W. McCall — at least, the ones about which we know — plus the lyrics to all of his songs.

The Legend-News

The Legend-News is a newsletter about C.W. McCall and related topics, published with little regularity since 1997. You can also subscribe to the e-mail edition.

Old Home Café

Sit down at the Old Home Café, your friendly neighborhood truck stop in Pisgah, Iowa.

Crispy Critters

Join the Crispy Critters, the highly-unofficial C.W. McCall fan club.


C.W. McCall-related wares are in the Emporium.


The Museum houses a collection of C.W. McCall artifacts.


In the Library, you can read about C.W. McCall and his influence on popular culture.


Road trips are a big part of the C.W. McCall experience. In Convoys, you can read tales of travel that you may want to do yourself. Or, maybe not.


This isn’t the only web site in world. Detours points you to other sites that you may find interesting.

About This Site

And if you really want to know about this hangout for drooling fanboys and girls, look at About This Site.