Critters On The Loose: Randall “Snoopy” Clague

“Snoopy” was one of the drivers in the infamous Convoy 2000.

EZ-Rocket crew

Thought you might like these photos. The T-shirt should look familiar… [Randall is the guy in the middle, with his left arm leaning on the plane. He’s wearing the official Convoy 2000 t-shirt. — Ed.] This was the post-flight crew photo after EZ-Rocket flight 17 on 8/29/2005. The guy in the blue flight suit is former astronaut Rick Searfoss, our new test pilot. He’s wet because Dick Rutan (gray T-shirt, kneeling), the first EZ-Rocket test pilot, has just doused him with a bucket of ice water. Dick flew chase in his Long-EZ, Ol’ Blue, the same Long-EZ he flew around the world with Mike Melvill — who later became the world’s first commercial astronaut. (It’s a small town.)

EZ-rocket tow vehicle

The other pic is the EZ with its tow vehicle. Yes, that is a primer gray ’50s Chevy pickup truck. We like the contrast. The gray pickup belongs to one of our machinists. (I’m still driving it, by the way; just replaced the fuel pump, 312,000 miles and counting.)

Update, 2006 June 8: I’m still driving Snoopy, 313,000 miles and counting (not so much since he’s only running on two cylinders: 0 to 55 in 47 seconds, I didn’t have room on the airport to get it to 60).