Critters On The Loose: Chris “Murphy’s Law” Doyle

I was born in the great city of Omaha, Nebraska in 1971. My dad was a deputy sheriff in Sarpy county, just south of Omaha, and trucked mail part time to and from Des Moines.  He bought (and I still have) the LP of Black Bear Road — with the fold out cover.  It has been played so many times the grooves are probably smooth.  I distinctly remember keying up a walkie-talkie next to a speaker with “Convoy” blaring and starting a line of bicycles with my buddies. Ah, the good old days.

I went into law enforcement in Florida; then, after several years, into trucking.  I have gone to and thoroughly enjoyed many of the things C.W. (Bill) sings about: been in a convoy across I-80, down and up Wolf Creek Pass and 550, ridden the Silverton Train, driven the Black Bear Road, crossed the Nishnabotna several hundred times, run though fields in a souped up CJ (7 not 5), been to South Sioux, etc.  Tried to name my dog Sloan, but the wife didn’t quite get it.  Even made it to Ouray on the last trip to Silverton, but alas, Bill was keeping warm out of state.  We did however get to meet the current mayor who was very nice.

I have moved back to Bellevue, Nebraska in the last year and and am enjoying living again in the midwest.  My 14 year old daughter is also a big fan of Bill’s music and has his entire catalog loaded on her iPod at all times.

— Chris “Murphy's Law” Doyle, September 27, 2009

Chris Doyle at Black Bear Pass Gallopin' Goose mural Chris Doyle and Rubber Duck truck Chris Doyle and son on the Silverton, 2005 Jeep: if you're going to be dumb Chris Doyle CJ-7 Chris Doyle's dirty CJ-7